You need to have an understanding of Belief practices as well So these were three popular loud rooms So what These certifications are worth these cloud platforms of Dino They've actually gone ahead and uh put forth the certifications in these three major roles So we have discussed only two times I'm sorry for that We've discussed our architectural with discussed our developer rule Let us go and understand the admin Rules So when you say the admiral basically these are the people who are responsible for configuring managing and monitoring your cloud solutions That means these are the people who basically act as an admiral nuclear platform So their job is to ensure that your application is up and running and there are no problems with it So they're mostly in warning the monitoring processes.

They should have knowledge as an Ag mint What and Mr tries to do they should understand system operations and virtualization because they are also involved in these activities again Since we're moving our applications from an on-premise infrastructure to plow there could be a possibility of that as well So in that case as an admin do you need to understand home migration and monitoring off resources works So this was about the cloud at middle Let us go ahead and take a look at the popular in blue certifications that AWS offers tree.

As I've just mentioned they have classified the certifications into a more role-based approach So in this role-based approach of what happens is basically um you have three minutes certifications that were discussed You can be a developer can be an architect or even management break so you can see that on the screen Um these two certifications are given in step stones format What do I mean by a stepping stone for Mitt So basically firstly you'll be needing to have some understanding off cloud company.

When you take the certification you need to prove that you have that acumen that knowledge for that you need to take your flower practitioner certification six months off Phenomenon innovative Listen cloud computing should be good enough for it Actually go ahead and take this example, Okay Now let's assume that you are a practice now You've been working in the cloud demon You work there for a year you know it of lifts You can opt for the first level certifications the associate level certifications your you would or you can pursue your associate little certification in service Since architectural offered by AWS it only certified systems administrator are the admiral operations route.

You have the developer on Carla's AWS certified develops our developer rule when you talk about an associate-level certification Now let's assume that you have like you have the certification That's the Sheikh Levitt and you want to add once for them So with a couple more years of experience you can actually go on and off for years our specialties certifications of professional certifications So when you say your professional certification for architect through either spot is the closest partners being solutions architect professional so you're will be tested on your at one skilled smell.

You talk about the solution are connecting Okay Um for system administrators and developers the role marches in tow One common professional little certification It's called as your develops engineer certification But so guys these are the role-based certifications that in Naples has to offer you But are these the only certifications that you need to look into these days people need having certifications and other domains That's right You want to have some special IT which you want to pursue Let's assume that you are more than do Alexa skill-building right In that case you cannot For Alexis Skill builder certification Let's assume that you are intro data analytics.

There's a certification for Data Analytics which lets you master all the data analysis and machine learning services like AWS has to offer you Those services can be your AWS machine learning Amazon Polly and several other services that are then the market Next you have your it abuse advancement within certification very can have a special it in the networking domain Similarly you have your security services right Our security certification You have a date of especially desertification as well So as these are some of the certifications that are in the market okay that AWS has to offer to you if you talk about it from the populated people expect to Amazon Web Services solutions architect certifications are the most in-demand certifications.

Again what do you want to place you in what skills do you have You can choose one find Eat These need a background to prefer for these certifications If you want to be a developer knowing programming language will help as and when you should have an understanding of how what administrators do Solutions Architect is one of the rules where you would not have to know programming or stuff like that But networking wonderment tells Lena fundamentals These are very common understanding bash and all those things So when I started with Cloud Computing I realized that if I had no visible Kleenex and bash right from the start I would have been much better portion for understanding cloud computing on top of AWS.

Make sure that you learn these little things at least on literally now whole basis and then you can actually go in and cheese These certifications spend like 3 to 4 months preparing for them and you should be good enough to actually good and crack one of these Oh if you might have questions like pricing the reasons where I can take these exams the currency in which I pay the amount will answer some of your questions This certification costs you around $160 It's run it for two wheels A With the obvious you have quite a few options when you commit comes to doing payment and all those things to refer to get to know more about these things do visit the jobless official page and you'll be having more information on these pointers so bill this point We have been talking about cloud computing careers and we've discussed different AWS certifications that Amazon Web Services offer to us.

We've discussed what role-based certifications that and what are the specialities Certifications Let us Now go ahead and understand some concepts Oh our latest and understand data bliss conceptually a little So the next topic of discussion that we have on a plate is AWS global infrastructure When we talk about Amazon Web Services we know that it is the global leader When you talk about the public lord market on it has ever done from the infrastructure it has to talk about the numbers I mean it Selves in more than 2 40 plus countries So that tells you about the reach off Amazon Web Services when you talk about its infrastructure So let us go out and explore this infrastructure a little more like a strand Understand How does a loveless provided services in different regions So if we are to talk about AWS and its global infrastructure there are few terms that we need to understand Those are AWS regions and availability zones and that's third time that we need to understand that is local zones.

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